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Services/Restrictions: All tapes and transcripts are archived at the McCain Library and Archives on the campus of The University of Southern Mississippi. Hardbound, edited manuscripts of the oral histories, available for most interviews, may be read in the library's Mississippiana reading room. These cannot be checked out or loaned. Photocopy services are available. Researchers may bring in paper, pencil, and personal computers. No pens are allowed. All personal belongings must be left in lockers outside the reading room. Original transcripts and duplicate tapes are available in the University archives, located in the same building. Researchers may listen to any processed and unrestricted tapes. Tapes, however, may not be quoted, paraphrased, cited, or used in any way for publication. Most transcripts have been approved by the interviewees, who were allowed to make minor changes. All transcripts are open unless otherwise noted and may be quoted, paraphrased, and cited. Copies of unrestricted tapes and transcripts can be purchased by contacting the Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage by phone, letter, or e-mail. The staff at the Center are willing to provide limited research assistance. A complete guide to the collection, including subject topics for all of the nearly 800 archived interviews, is available on the Web site.


1. Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi

The 118 interviews in this collection were recorded between 1971 and 1997. This collection is not the result of a specific, designed project; thus, the interviews range over a wide variety of topics and have many interviewers. Many of the interviewers were graduate students or other researchers working on dissertations and books. Those interviews are sometimes, but not always, focused on narrow topics. Almost all of the interviews have hardbound, edited transcripts. The people interviewed were often allowed to see the interviews and make minor changes before binding the final version.

Interviews in the collection are

Sandra Adickes William Penn Davis Thomas Y. Minniece
Reuben V. Anderson Herman B. DeCell Otho Austin Monroe
Gladys Austin C. J. Duckworth Amzie Moore
Constance Baker William F. Dukes Irene Napier
Earle W. Banks David L. Dunaway C. B. "Buddie," Newman
Fred Banks Bradford J. Dye James Nix
Rims Barber Wilson Evans II Charlie Parker
Ariel Barnes Charles Evers Charles H. Phillips
O. H. Barnett Jimmy C. Fairley Mamie Lee Phillips
Ross R. Barnett Ken Fairley Elizabeth A. Price
Roger Barnhill Julian Beck Feibelman Claude Ramsey
Josephine Bell Bert Fells James D. Randolph
E .S. Bishop Bennie S. Gooden Sammie Rash
Maurice R. Black Herman Glazier William Raspberry
Unita Blackwell Percy Greene Joe Reyer
William J. Blass W. S. Griffin Minnie Ripley
Earline Boyd Lawrence Guyot George W. Rogers
Thomas Pickens Brady Pinkey Hall Harvey T. Ross
Raylawni Branch Fannie Lou Hamer Larry Rubin
R. Jess Brown M. W. Hamilton Iva E. Sandifer
C.C. Bryant Jan Handke George Saxon
Horace Buckley Horace H. Harned Jr. Jane Menefee Schutt
N .R. Burger Aaron Henry Joseph Schwartz
William A. Butts Hervey Hicks Terri Shaw
Henry Anthony Byrne Jr. Boyce Holleman Cecil Shelton
Will Davis Campbell Winson Hudson William J. Simmons
Andrew R. Carr Billie Hughes James C. Simpson
Michael Carr Charles Allen Johnson Jr. E. Hammond Smith
Betty W. Carter Paul B. Johnson III Frances Thornton Smith
Eddie Carthan Pete Johnson Frank E. Smith
Troy Catchings Sarah H. Johnson Michael Smith
Fred Clark Sr. Erle Johnston Eberta Spinks
Hugh H. Clegg Lillie Jones Eldridge W. Steptoe Jr.
Barry Clemson Vernon Keys Peter Stewart
Jerry Clower Thomas Knight Sr. Jimmy Swan
Charles Cobb Umoja Kwanguvu Bennie G. Thompson
James Cohen Reber Layton W. B. Thompson
James P. Coleman Clay F. Lee P. A. Tims Sr.
Clinton Collier Nathaniel H. Lewis Thomas Jefferson Tubb
Clearese Cook Semmes Luckett Hollis Watkins
Owen Cooper Ruby Magee Phillip West
Emma Corban Darwin Maples Kenneth O. Williams
Brodie Crump Joe Martin Fred Winyard
William Jefferson Cunningham Charles Marx Joseph E. Wroten
Ellie J. Dahmer E. L. McDaniel George W. Yarborough
Russell C. Davis Sheila Shikki y Kessler Michaels Zoya Zeman

2. Civil Rights Documentation Project

The original tapes and transcripts are held at Tougaloo College Archives. Copies of the interviews are at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Meridian interviews: the interviewer is Don Williams:

Anonymous Duncan Gray Evelyn Dorsey Polk
Johnny and Clara Barbour Johnnie Faye Inge Charles Lemuel Young
John E Cameron Laura Inge-Love
Obie Clark  Hobert Kornegay

Vicksburg interviews: the interviewer is Don Williams:

Otha Burton Jr. Lee Willie Miller Eddie Thomas Sr.
Charles K. Chiplin Dr. Ollye Brown Shirley Tommie Lee Williams Sr.

Holmes County interviews: the interviewer is Harriet Tanzman:

Walter Bruce Hattye Gatson Griffin McLaurin
Georgia Clark Estelle Harvey John Daniel Wesley
Robert G. Clark Bea Jenkins  

Grenada interviews: the interviewer is Worth Long:

Willie T. Allen Jasper Neely Rosie Washington
T.B. Bankston Henry Peacock III Will O. Washington
Harry Kegler Annie L. Stewart

Canton, Jackson, and Gulf Coast interviews: the interviewers are Stephanie Scull Millet and Harriet Tanzman:

James C. Coleman Bilbo Rodgers State Stallworth
Julia Holmes Franzetta Sanders Matt Suarez
James P. Miller Robert Smith

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