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1. Social Action Collections

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The Social Action Collections document major sociopolitical issues and movements in the United States. The Society's holdings are the largest such collection in the county. One of the major areas of emphasis is the civil rights movement. It houses the papers of organizations such as Congress of Racial Equality and Council of Federated Organizations and of such activists as Fannie Lou Hamer, Ella Baker, and Amzie Moore, as well as a collection of civil rights oral history interviews with many of the prominent leaders of the movement. The entire collection catalog is available online at the Society's Web site and is searchable via ArCat, the Archives Computer Catalog. It includes more than 17,000 entries describing the manuscript collections, both processed and unprocessed, as well as state, local, and government records held at the archives. Information is updated about every six months. Below are listed four of the society's oral history listings that pertain to the Mississippi civil rights movement. The Anne Romaine Interviews are also held by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and the Southern Regional Council.

Christopher Hexter James Moore Shelton Stromquist

Ann Romaine Interviews:

Ella Baker Robert Kastenmeier Joseph Rauh
Annie Devine Edwin King Mendy Samstein
Ivanhoe Donaldson Sandy Leigh Walter Tillow
Lawrence Guyot Allard Lowenstein
Fannie Lou Hamer Robert Parris Moses

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