Comprehensive Disaster Case Management Training


This is an archived program and therefore, may not contain current information.

Comprehensive case management is required to maintain continuity of services for individuals with disabilities and their families. The Comprehensive Disaster Case Management Training grant focuses upon teaching of skills, exploration of services, and examination of processes in order to improve outcomes for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Approximately 239,224 individuals in the Mississippi counties affected by Hurricane Katrina reported having at least one disabling condition. Case management services for individuals with disabilities require case managers with more informed knowledge regarding disabilities.


  1. to provide skills on the community integration or reintegration of individuals with disabilities and their families by obtaining needed support for them to live independently
  2. to explore the distinct social services that enable people with disabilities to find, utilize and coordinate available resources in their communities on the basis of individual need created by the disaster
  3. to examine comprehensive case management processes including processes that empower the individual and their families to access resources
  4. ensure program effectiveness and efficiency through evaluation

The project provides for training institutes, conference presentations, one-on-one consultations, development and dissemination of materials, and technical assistance to current case managers, paraprofessionals, and faith-based and community volunteers working in the disaster areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. Evaluation of the project includes collection and analysis of data to determine overall effectiveness and efficiency of the project in meeting the stated goals.


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Comprehensive Disaster Case Management

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