This is an archived program and therefore, may not contain current information.

Welcome to Project FACESS

FACESS - Family Access to a Center of Excellence for Support Services covering Forrest, Lamar, Jones, and Marion counties.

FACESS is your one-stop family support center linking families of children with developmental disabilities  with their community. The center offers one-on-one family assessments with individualized support plans, resource library, computer to use, community programs information and referrals, parent training, support groups, fatherhood programs, and information on transition from school to community. 
For more information and additional programs call 601-266-5163.

The mission of FACESS is to improve the quality of life and family unity by providing comprehensive services to link all families who have children (up to the age of 25) with developmental disabilities to their communities, and communities to the families. FACESS serves all families including families of low income.'

To empower and strengthen families by:

  • Developing an information and referral system to increase awareness of availability of needed community 
  • Gathering information of the family needs
  • Developing and monitoring individual family support plans
  • Promoting community partnerships to assist families
  • Fostering a stronger sense of trust and collaboration among service programs and families
  • Promoting self-determination
  • Promoting family unity

Support groups for the families and community leaders to determine the strengths and barriers within county communities

Creative problem-solving and crisis intervention

Opportunities to learn and better understand government agencies and benefits

Information on community programs and resources to meet educational and recreational needs

Resource information on programs to assist with the transition from school to community and post-secondary education

Information and opportunities to learn about homeownership for individuals with disabilities

Range of program activities geared toward family, children, and youth

Other Resources
Family Support 360 Library

Family Support 360 Resources


FACESS is a five year federal grant  awarded to the Institute for Disability Studies, Mississippi's University Center for Excellence  in Developmental Disabilities, at The University of Southern Mississippi by the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families (GR No. 90DN0262).