HowTo - Update IDS Website


IDS Website Update Process

For existing pages

  1. The change request should go to your Program Director (Dr. Walker or Dr. Siders) and include:
    • Specific page address needing updating, i.e.
    • Specifically define what needs to be done to the page?
  2. With director authorization, Rich will be able to update the page.

For new pages

  1. Send an email to your Program Director consisting of:
    • Project name
    • Menu listing (a list of all pages for the program e.g. Home, Resources, Contacts)
    • Content for each of those pages.
  2. Once approved, the Program Director will forward to one of our IDS media proofer(s).
  3. The proofer will then forward the project to Rich Baker for publication.

Check out this simple two page web_content_writing guide (PDF).