Gulf South Summit Theme and Presentation Formats

  • Program submissions for the 2012 Gulf-South Summit on Service Learning are no longer being accepted.

The conference theme is “Transforming Lives Through Collaboration, Community and Citizenship.” Please consider addressing the theme from the following directions.

Transforming lives: Whose lives? Students? Faculty? Clients of our community partners? To what ends? Where’s your evidence? What are the best practices?

Collaboration: How difficult it can be, given our differing goals, values and constituencies! How do we do it? What are its essential ingredients?

Community: Warm, fuzzy feeling or concrete achievement? How do we know it when we see it? Can it be operationalized and duplicated?

Citizenship: How do we nurture this originating objective of the civic engagement movement ? What is my role? What is the role of public policy? How shall we influence public policy?

Of course any well-reasoned and useful study is welcomed.


Presentation Formats

Individual Presentation-30 minute presentation that the Program Committee will group with another presentation in a 75 minute session

Panel-75 minute session with 3 to 4 presenters assembled by a primary presenter

Interactive Workshop-75 minute hands-on training session facilitated by one or more co-presenters

Poster-visual display of a research project or demonstration project; full color, 48” x 48” maximum size