Jeff Townsend

Vice President of Purchaser Services at HealthCare 21 Business Coalition (HC21) and Director of Research

Jeffrey A. Townsend is the vice president of Purchaser Services at HealthCare 21 Business Coalition (HC21), East and Middle Tennessee’s regional business coalition on health. Jeff has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry. He helped create a Pharmacy Benefit Management Program (PBM), resulting in millions of dollars saved on drug costs in TN.  In 2006, he helped develop the Data Integrator, a unique data warehouse that supports all phases of health risk management, providing coalition members with valuable standard reporting and ad hoc analysis, including program evaluations.  Jeff has eight years of experience analyzing pharmacy pricing, and as the manager of Data Integrator, he has six additional years analyzing medical and pharmacy claims.   He leads a team of data technicians and analysts responsible for the development and delivery of meaningful healthcare analysis.  Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University (SIU) and has completed post-graduate work at SIU as well.

Jeff also serves as the director of Research for HC21 Solutions.