Safe Schools and Communities Symposium

picture collage of school children in different settings

Building Resistance and Resiliency to Violence, Defiant Groups and Bullying

The symposium is designed to provide schools and communities with information and strategies that will help them combat youth violence, bullying and gang affiliation.



School Psychologists School Counselors 
School Administrators  Classroom Teachers 
Social Workers  School Nurses 
School Resource Officers/Local Law Enforcement  Professional Counselors and Therapists 
Juvenile Court Personnel  Faith-Based Youth Workers 
After School Program Service Providers  Other Individuals Working with Youth 



Peggy Moss - Kids Deserve Better: Fostering Language And Behaviors That Create A Safer School Climate

Peggy Moss an award-winning author of Say Something and Our Friendship Rules has worked to eradicate bullying for more than a decade, first as a prosecutor with the Department of Attorney General in Maine and later as an educator and curriculum developer with the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence and the Cromwell Disabilities Center. Moss now works with schools and camps to prevent bullying and teasing. Her extensive background enables her to describe the devastating physical and emotional impact of bullying, harassment, and hate violence through the voices of students who have been targeted and also through the lens of educators, parents and law enforcement personnel working to prevent violence from occurring in the first place. Moss has provided workshops to students and teachers from Kindergarten to the college level in Maine, Tennessee, Toronto and points in between, helping students and educators create school environments that feel safe for everyone.

She has published several pieces on the topic of bullying. Empowering Parents featured Moss's work in response to press reports on Girl Violence, as well as pieces on how to address Relational Bullying, and how to combat Cyber Bullying with kids. She has been interviewed for bullying articles in the Boston Globe and Discovery, among others.

Moss holds a juris doctorate from Washington College of Law at American University, where she was head of the Juvenile Justice Association.


"If this conference were to be offered in future, I would strongly recommend it to other administrators and counselors in my district.  Very informative! Excellent presenters!" - 2011 Symposium Attendee

"The gang presentation was very useful for me as a teacher and what is going on in our state as well as our community." - Mary West, Teacher, Perry County Schools

"This is an essential part of leading and educating our youth. It deals with real issues and the hard questions. This program offered concrete help and resources such as websites, information about establishing campus crime stoppers and other resources." - Beverly Bryant, M.D., Child Psychiatrist, Hattiesburg, MS

You don't want to miss this opportunity to improve your knowledge on such relevant topics and to make a positive impact to the safety and success of youth in your school and community. Enroll online today.