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Dr. Wujian Miao Research Group

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


Wujian Miao, PhD


Wujian Miao, PhD

Associate Professor

 Analytical Chemistry

Undergrad. Dipl.,

Nantong University

M.Sc., Sun Yat-Sen University

with Prof. Jinyuan Mo

Ph.D., Monash University

with Prof. Alan M. Bond

Postdoctoral Fellow,

The University of Texas at Austin

with Prof. Allen J. Bard

    Contact Information

           Dr. Wujian Miao

           The University of Southern Mississippi

           Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

           118 College Drive, Box 5043

           Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001

           Email: wujian.miao@usm.edu

           Phone: +601.266.4716; Fax: +601.266.6075

           Office: TEC 423; Lab: TEC 425/427/408A                               




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