111 Endorsement

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Questions regarding the Computer Applications Endorsement should be directed to:                              

Dr. Diane Fisher, Associate Dean,
College of Education and Psychology,
118 College Dr. #5057,
Hattiesburg, MS, 39406-0001. 
Telephone: (601) 266-4568
FAX: (601) 266-4175


Candidates who seek a computer applications endorsement must hold a Class A, or higher, teaching certificate in the state of Mississippi.


Candidates must complete 12 semester hours from the following three categories as indicated:

Category A: Computer Literacy (3 hrs)

  • IT 365 Computer Applications in Education. 3 hrs. Skill development in the use of computer technology appropriate to teaching, learning, and managing education.
  • IT 645 Computers in Education. 3 hrs. Applications of current and emerging computer technology to instructional and administrative programs for the user's point of view.
  • BTLE (Basic Technology Literacy Exam). Exam designed to ensure that teachers are prepared to use the tools of technology to help students learn. Test modules are in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, & Telecommunications. Can only be used by USM graduates holding 105 licensure
  • IC3 Certification.

Category B : Microcomputer Applications (6 hrs)

Courses must provide experience with integrated software plus one of the following applications: word processing, spreadsheets, database, graphics, or desktop publishing.  A computer language course may be substituted for 3 semester hours of the Category B requirements.

  • IT 361 Computer Applications in Business I. 3hrs. This course offers instruction and practice using the microcomputer as a tool to solve problems in business and education. Word processing, spreadsheet, and Internet application software is used in the environment of the Windows operating system.
  • IT 363 Computer Applications in Business II. 3hrs. This course offers instruction and practice using the microcomputer as a tool to solve problems in business and education. Multi-media presentation software, database software, and Internet software is used in the environment of the Windows operating system.

  • IT 375 Web Based Tools. 3 hrs. Apply principles of effective Web page design to develop and maintain Web-based instructional materials. Learn how Web-based instructional tools can enhance learning.

  • IT 467/567 Desktop Publishing. 3hrs. Office based microcomputer production of typeface/graphics enhanced media, designed to be both pleasing in appearance and effective in communications.

  • IT 648  Telecommunications in Education. 3hrs. Examines hardware, software, implementation, and utilization of telecommunication technology as it applies to education.

Category C: Interactive Instructional Design (3 hrs)

Introduction to Authoring Systems, Hypermedia, and Interactive Modules.  CAI Software Reviews & Evaluations, Specs., Trade Journal Reviews, and Hands-on Classroom Demonstrations.

  • IT 395 Emerging Instructional Technologies. 3 hrs. A study of design principles applied to the development of professional, persuasive and interactive instructional presentations.
  • IT 468 Instructional Animation Development. 3 hrs. Apply instructional design principles in educational environments to develop instructional animations
  • IT 469/569 Multimedia Design and Development. 3hrs.Prerequisite: Basic Computer Literacy. Interactive instructional design and applications. Introduction to hypermedia tools, authoring systems, CAI software reviews/evaluations, and hands-on interactive module production.
  • IT 644 Authoring Systems for Computer Based Learning. 3hrs. Prerequisite: CSS 400/500. Developing computer based instructional modules using the authoring system approach.

  • IT 740 Interactive Instructional Media. 3 hrs. Develop interactive instructional media and discuss design principles related to teaching and learning.
  • IT 753 Instructional Applications of Interactive Video. 3 hrs. Application of instructional design, video production, and computer theory to the production of instructional interactive video.
  • IT 755 Web-Based Instruction. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: IT 648 or permission of instructor. Examine the World Wide Web as a means for delivering instruction. Design and develop a Web-based course.