IT Undergraduate Minor

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The IT undergraduate minor is designed to be a practical, comprehensive, and flexible program to support individual career goals with an emphasis on hands-on experience, team work, and real-world applications.  The application of instructional technology in business, education, health, industry, government, and militaryare examined along with envisioning its future impact in these areas.   Therefore, the IT undergraduate minor is appropriate for any student who wants to explore technology applications in teaching and training as related to the individual field of study.  Students who would like to obtain a foundation in the design, development, and implementation of technology-based applications (e.g., multimedia, Web-based material development, portfolio development, and others) in the aforementioned areas should consider pursuing a minor in instructional technology.

The objectives of the minor are to help students:

  1. Master the use of various forms of technology integration in the teaching, training, and work environments including the use of application software and hardware.
  2. Apply appropriate theories and reflective models in instructional technology settings.
  3. Design instruction that effectively integrates appropriate technology tools.
  4. Exhibit leadership and professionalism in the field of instructional technology.
  5. Develop capabilities for applying technologies as a tool in the teaching/training environment and designing materials for instructional purposes.

Minor Advisor

Undergraduate students declaring an Instructional Technology Minor must consult with Dr. Jonathan Beedle (ITD minor) about the Minor Program Planning. If students take more than one IT course before consulting with minor advisors, that second course may not count toward their minor pending upon her approval. In addition, your minor advisor is required to sign-off on the Application for Degree concerning the minor area. Therefore, if IT minors have never consulted with a minor advisor prior to graduation, their IT courses may not count toward fulfilling the undergraduate minor requirements.

Undergraduate Minor in Instructional Technology and Design Emphasis

Required Courses (15 semester hours)

IT 375 – Web-based Instructional Tools
IT 395 - Emerging Instructional Technologies
IT 467 – Desktop Publishing
IT 468 – Instructional Animation Development
IT 469 – Multimedia Design and Development

Elective Courses - Choose one course below (3 semester hours)

IT 201 – Introduction to Educational Technology
IT 365 – Computer Applications in Education
IT 492 - Special Problems in Instructional Technology

Undergraduate Minor in Administrative Communication Emphasis

Required Courses (15 semester hours)

IT 361 – Computer Applications in Business Technology I
IT 363 - Computer Applications in Business Technology II
IT 380 – Organizational Communication
IT 395 – Emerging Instructional Technologies
IT 485 – Instructional Technology Capstone

Elective Courses - Choose three courses below (9 semester hours)

IT 200 – Introduction to Business Communication
FAM 332 – Professional Presence and Influence
ACC 200 – Introduction to Financial Accounting
BA 200 – The Legal Environment of Business
MGT 300 – Management for Orgnizations
MKT 300 - Principles of Marketing