ITD Doctoral Program

The Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree with a major in Instructional Technology and Design, with an emphasis in either Instructional Technology or Instructional Design. The purpose of the Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and Design (ITD) is to provide those individuals who are interested in pursuing careers and/or professional development in the field with a strong theoretical and research base in the design, development, implementation, evaluation, and administration of instructional technology systems.

The doctoral program with an emphasis in instructional technology has a greater concentration upon using actual software applications and hardware to improve the teaching and learning of subject area content. Instructional technologists primarily help others learn how to use, develop, design, and implement technology-related projects.

The doctoral program with an emphasis in instructional design focuses more upon the instructional/curriculum development of a course/program that integrates technology tools. Instructional designers work with those who are creating broad-based technology projects or instructional programs by ensuring that the learning needs and objectives are met, whether the instructional content is valid and accurate, and assisting in the design and performance of the actual program learning assessment.

Mississippi teachers holding the appropriate Class AA teaching license may qualify for a Class AAAA license upon successful completion of the Ph.D. in ITD and approval of the Office of Educator Licensure, Mississippi Department of Education.

The doctoral program consists of a minimum of sixty (60) graduate semester hours beyond the Master’s degree. More than seventy-five (75) hours may be required in order to satisfy deficiencies which may exist in the student’s background and preparation (e.g., Master's degree is not in a related field).

A doctoral comprehensive exam is required for the program and must be passed before the student can proceed to the dissertation.

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