Graduate Certificate in Management of Child Nutrition


The goal of the Certificate Program in the Management of Child Nutrition Programs is to provide knowledge and skills in food service operations management and child nutrition for those currently employed or pursuing careers in school nutrition.  School nutrition professionals are employees of state and local education agencies, who ensure that healthful meals and nutrition education are provided to children in their districts, communities, and states.  The certificate program focuses both on the management of school food service operations as well as meeting the nutritional needs of school children.   
The graduate certificate program was developed with the needs of working professionals in mind.  All courses are offered fully online using WebCT technology.  Most program participants will take 1-2 courses per term and will require approximately two years for completion.
The curriculum consists of six three-credit courses, for a total of 18 credit hours.

  • NFS 581    Financial Management in Nutrition and Food Systems
  • NFS 582    Food Production Management
  • NFS 625*   The Nutrition of the Child*
  • NFS 673    Child Nutrition Program Management
  • NFS 690    Current Topics in Child Nutrition Programs
  • NFS 715*   Recent Developments in Applied Nutrition*

*Courses with an asterisk have as a prerequisite a 3-credit undergraduate general nutrition course.  NFS 362, offered online every semester, satisfies this requirement.

  • Students must complete credit hour and course requirements with a 3.0 GPA.
  • Students must complete program requirements within four years.
  • Students admitted to the Master of Science (M.S.) in Nutrition and Food Systems can also earn the Certificate in Management of Child Nutrition programs as part of the M.S. degree requirements.  Students admitted to the Certificate program who wish to pursue the M.S. program must complete a separate application and meet all admission requirements.  Certificate coursework may apply to M.S. degree requirements if the student has earned no more than 9 credit hours when admitted to the M.S program and if the minimum GPA requirements for the M.S. degree are met.   
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