Undergraduate Certificate in Management of Child Nutrition


The undergraduate Certificate in Management Child Nutrition Programs requires six three-credit courses for completion and provides broad exposure to the field. Individuals completing the program are prepared to take on additional responsibilities in their existing careers or explore new careers as child nutrition professionals.

In the program, individuals with a variety of backgrounds take courses in food production management, financial management, child nutrition program management, nutrition of children, and related areas to gain expertise for positions that require an understanding of both food service operations management and child nutrition.

The program is geared to meet the educational needs of two types of students:

  • The child nutrition professional seeking additional training in food service operations and financial management and child nutrition.
  • The individual with little or no experience in child nutrition programs seeking training in food production management, child nutrition program management, and child nutrition.

The main objectives of the program are to provide students with:

  • An understanding of child nutrition program management, including food production, financial management, child nutrition and school wellness.
  • Skills needed to manage school nutrition programs in the 21st century.

Admission to the Graduate Certificate Program requires a baccalaureate degree in any subject area from a college or university approved by a recognized accrediting agency. No specific food service management or nutrition background is required.

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