Masters of Science in Logistics, Trade, and Transportation

Degree Requirements

The great diversity and many opportunities in Logistics, Trade and Transportation are represented in the degree requirements including the successful completion of:

  1. Minimum of total of thirty (30) hours in graduate-level courses.
  2. Eighteen (18) of the 30 hours must be 600 level or higher.
  3. Eighteen (18) of the 30 hours must be from the core courses
  4. Twelve (12) of the 30 hours must be from the approved elective courses
  5. Successful completion of a comprehensive written or oral examination
  6. Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above is required for graduation.
  7. Some students may be required to take few prerequisites/additional courses that do not count towards the minimum thirty (30) hours.
  8. Continuous Enrollment Requirement and other requirements as specified in the Graduate Bulletin located at
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