Economic Development


Professional economic developers come from many different educational backgrounds so all majors will be considered.

  1. Have a 3.0 (4.0 scale) grade point average over the last two years of the student’s undergraduate studies.
  2. Submit GRE scores (all sections). The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) may be submitted in place of the GRE.
  3. Students whose native language is not English must achieve a TOEFL score of 560 or more.
  4. Provide three letters of recommendation from persons qualified to assess the applicant’s readiness for graduate study. The letters should be sent to the department.
  5. In exceptional cases, students may be admitted conditionally. Such students must earn a 3.0 on the first nine (9) semester hours of coursework numbered 500 or above or on all coursework taken while completing this nine (9) hour requirement in order to qualify for regular admission.
  6. Students may be required to take some prerequisite courses in geography or business.
  7. Submit statement of purpose and goals, portfolio and resume.
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