Economic Development

Degree Requirements

  1. Successful completion of a minimum of thirty (30) hours in graduate-level courses (18 hours 600 level or higher) as follows:
  2. Minimum of twenty (20) hours with the prefix ED.
  3. Demonstrated proficiency (through coursework and/or the comprehensive exam) in economic development research, theory, and practice.
  4. At least four (4) hours of apprenticeship/internship (ED 791).
  5. Successful completion of a comprehensive written or oral examination.
  6. Completion of one of two curriculum options as follows:
    1. Thesis option
      1. ED 698 (3 hours)
      2. Acceptance of valid thesis topic
      3. Formation of thesis committee prior to last semester of study
    2. Non-Thesis option
      1. ED 789 Capstone Project (3 hours)
  7. A 3.0 GPA is required for graduation.
  8. Continuous Enrollment Requirement: Students must meet the requirement specified in the front section of Graduate Bulletin.
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