Educational Administration and Supervision


Admission Steps

  1. Submit all required materials to department.
  2. Submit application, transcripts, GRE, and immunization reports to Graduate School (www.usm.edu/graduateschool ).
  3. Contact department to make sure application is complete and that ELSC has your contact information.
  4. The department’s admission committee member will contact you for an interview and writing sample.
  5. Once the admissions committee determines your eligibility, your admission paperwork will be processed.
  6. You will receive an email from the Graduate School notifying you of your admission status.


Criteria for Entering EDA Master’s Program
Applications for admission are evaluated by a combination of the following criteria:

  1. Portfolio
    1. Letter of application for the appropriate program*
    2. Statement of goals*
    3. Current resume including name, mailing address, phone number, and email address *
    4. Copies of Teaching Certificates and verification of years of experience*
    5. Copies of documentation of professional development activities: graduate classes, seminars, continuing education, workshops, in-service certificates.  Demonstrate your continuing education and creativity.*
    6. Statement of philosophy of education (limited to 1 typed page, 12 font)*
    7. A description of the classes taught recently: an outline of teaching area/areas, grade level(s), class content, teaching style*
    8. Example(s) of student work (please limit to 5 examples)*

*These items must be included in your portfolio.  A current administrator may make the portfolio materials applicable to current job position.


    1. Copies of recent lesson and unit plans and the assessment(s) used
    2. Examples of assessment techniques
    3. Student comments and parent letters
    4. Evidence of reflections on good teaching practices
    5. Technology uses/involvement/abilities
    6. Peer observations, comments, letters of commendations
    7. Teaching evaluation comments, administrator comments
    8. Special skills:  languages, music, art, other
    9. Community service: volunteer work, leadership roles, service organizations
    10. Involvement in professional organizations
    11. School and/or district activities/projects: letters of appreciation, evidence of committee work
    12. Copies of honors/awards


  1. Transcripts
  2. GRE
  3. Letter of Application/Cover Letter
  4. Teaching License
  5. Teaching Experience of 2-3 years
  6. Three Letters of Recommendation [2 from supervising administrators; 1 candidate choice]
  7. Application submitted to Graduate School
  8. Personal Information Form
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