physical education - human performance ms



Learn the tools to build a healthy well-being.

Teaching physical education is a commitment to acquiring the knowledge and tools necessary to develop individuals who are committed to an active lifestyle.

Our online Master of Human Performance: Physical Education Emphasis is comprised of the following course requirements:

  • HPR 680 Research I
  • HPR 623 Advanced Methods of Teaching PE
  • HPR 681 Research II
  • HPR 604 Advanced Motor Development
  • HPR 644 Foundations and Trends in Human Performance and Recreation
  • HPR 606 Motor Learning
  • HPR 603 Corrective and Adaptive PE
  • HPR 677 Legal Aspects of Sport Law
  • HPR 645 Analysis of PE Teaching and Supervision
  • HPR 692 Special Problems (Action Research Project) OR
  • HPR 698 Thesis
  • HPR 625 Program Design in Physical Education
  • HPR 684 Sport Skill Analysis

Total: 36 credit hours


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