International Development Doctoral Program
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International Development Doctoral Program

The International Development Doctoral Program is dedicated to examining the related fields of International Development from an interdisciplinary perspective while providing our students with exceptional research, analytical and writing skills.

Our distinguished faculty members have a complementary range of academic disciplines, including economics, geography, history, international studies and political science. Their talents are reflected in a curriculum and research teams of Economic Development, Political Development/Security Studies and Social/Cultural Development. We have a diverse student body whose membership is drawn from across the United States and the world. It includes students from colleges and universities, the military, private sector, public sectors and the non-profit and non-governmental sector.

It is the interaction between faculty and students with a variety of academic and professional interests and experiences—both in person and from thousands of miles apart in the online environment—that enable us to continue to make enduring contributions to the fields of International Development. Most courses offered within the International Development (IDV) Doctoral Program include the content and academic milestones of a traditional on-campus doctoral program, but in a more flexible delivery format.

Each of our hybrid courses entails two major components: intensive three-day in-person sessions at the beginning and end of the semester, and synchronous and/or asynchronous online seminars during the middle of the term.

All students taking regular classes in the IDV Program are required to attend in-person sessions every semester. In-person sessions are face-to-face sessions with peers and professors. These in-person sessions occur as three-day blocks (Friday-Sunday).

IDV Research Teams.

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