Instructional Technology and Design PHD


The Application for Admission to the program is completed online. Students need to go to the Graduate School's web site and apply via "Admissions Pro" system (

Admission decisions are based on several criteria including GPA (graduate and undergraduate), a writing sample, GRE scores (analytical writing, verbal, and quantitative), letters of recommendation, and possibly an individual interview with program faculty.

  • An academic record reflecting a superior undergraduate and graduate grade point average.
  • Scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) predictive of the ability to successfully complete the doctoral program.
  • All international applicants must provide a recent Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam score. Two copies of transcripts of all collegiate study must also be submitted.
  • A statement of purpose submitted online from the applicant indicating career goals and expectations, previous academic work experience, publications (if any), and other accomplishments.
  • Have 3 letters of recommendation submitted online from academic professionals and/or supervisors who can clearly articulate and address the applicant’s ability to perform doctoral level studies.
  • Vita or resume submitted online.
    • Preferred format:  A scholarly paper of ten to fifteen pages in length (double-spaced) that demonstrates the candidate’s ability to perform research and communicate ideas/arguments related to the field.
    • Other acceptable formats:  electronic portfolios, newsletters, two short papers, training or curriculum manuals/materials, online Blogs, etc.  Basically, any form to demonstrate one’s writing and synthesizing/critical thinking abilities.

The initial admissions committee will assess all of these requirements to determine whether students are admitted as either regular, conditional, or not at all.  If students have deficits before coming into the program (e.g., Master’s is not in a related field), then students will be admitted as Conditional.  Once the student meets and satisfies the Conditional requirements, then he/she must meet with the advisor to discuss the removal of the Conditional Status to Regular Admit. 

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