Instructional Technology and Design PHD

Degree Requirements

The program is comprised of core courses, research methods, practicum, dissertation, and elective courses that lead toward the Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and Design (ITD). These set of courses include:

  • An ITD Core of 27 semester hours.
  • A Research Methods Core of 15 semester hours.
  • An Elective Core of 6 semester hours.
  • A Dissertation Core of 9-12 hours.

For those candidates who have a Master’s degree in instructional technology, design, or related field, the program requires a minimum of 57 hours. These courses would encompass theories and applications that apply toward the field of instructional tehnology and instructional design. For candidates without a master’s degree in the ITD field, pre-requisite courses will be required (these are not counted toward the Ph.D. program).

To see an outline of the required courses for the Instructional Technology and Design program, please go to the department Web site ( and click on the link entitled "Program of Study".

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