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Music Education

Degree Requirements

The Masters in Music Education is 30 Credits. Five required courses and five electives that can be chosen from online courses, summer intensive workshops or traditional face-to-face classes offered on the Hattiesburg Campus. (All classes listed below are online unless otherwise noted)

Required Courses

  • MED 725 Foundations of Music Education (Offered each Summer and Fall)
  • MUS 620 Music Theory Review (Offered each Summer)
  • MUS 630 Music History Review (Offered each Summer)
  • REF 601 Educational Research: Interpretation and Applications (Offered each semester)
  • REF 607 Developing a Student Centered Curriculum (Offered each semester)

Elective Courses (Choose Five)

  • MED 740 Music Education in the Elementary School (Offered each Summer and Fall)
  • MED 750 Music in General Education (Offered each Spring and Summer)
  • MED 756 Evaluation and Guidance in Music Education (Offered each Summer and Fall)
  • MED 714 Administration and Supervision of Elementary and Secondary School of Music Programs (Offered each Spring and Summer)
  • MED 538 Seminar in Band Literature (Offered each Summer)
  • MED 732 Workshop in Wind Band Conducting ** This class is a 4 day workshop at the Hattiesburg Campus (Offered every June)
  • MED 624 Music Education Practicum (Offered each Spring and Summer)
  • MED 692 Special Problems ** This class can be tailored to the needs of the student allowing for independent study in a particular topic such as Orff Schulwerk, Kodaly, Dalrcoze, Advanced Instrumental or Choral Conducting or Music Education Research (Offered every semester)
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