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Special Education

The Department of Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education offers creative programs of study to mold bold leaders who are determined to lead the way in teaching, support and advocacy for exceptional individuals in our state. We are committed to providing high quality graduate programs to professionals interested in increasing their professional skills and learn more about how to serve exceptional individuals.

The four emphasis areas in the Masters of Education degree in Special Education include:

Mild/Moderate Disabilities– 33 hours (fully online)

  • Leads to Mississippi Supplemental Teaching Endorsement in Mild/Moderate Disabilities
  • Ideal for teachers of students with learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities or other mild disabilities and general educators seeking help for struggling students in their classrooms

Emotional/Behavior Disorders – 33 hours (fully online)

  • Leads to AA level teaching license in Emotional/Behavior Disorders
  • Meets all MDE requirements for highly qualified teachers in EmD.
  • Individuals with AA licensure in mild/moderate disabilities may add the EmD endorsement with only four fully online courses
  • Designed to improve the instructional skills of teachers working in alternative school settings
  • Prepares professionals to serve as behavior intervention specialists—helpful for those involved in the RTI process for behavior

Severe/Low Incidence Disabilities– 33 hours (fully online)

  • Leads to an AA level Mississippi supplemental teaching endorsement in Severe Disabilities
  • Focuses on services across the life span—from early childhood through adulthood
  • Appropriate for service providers working in a variety of educational and human service agencies

Gifted Education – 30 hours (partially online)

  • Leads to Mississippi teaching license in Gifted Education
  • Practicum experiences offered through the nationally recognized Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies
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