Special Education

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements include successful completion of 30-33 hours of coursework (depending on emphasis area) with a 3.0 minimum GPA and a passing score on a culminating comprehensive portfolio. All M.Ed. degree programs in Special Education require an end-of-program practicum experience. Those candidates who are currently teaching in the emphasis area may use their current teaching placement upon approval of the department.

12 hrs: M.Ed. CORE (take all)
SPE 641 Transition
SPE 770 Legal Issues
CIR 709 Assessment of Exceptional Individuals
CIR 705 Reading/Writing Process

3 hrs: RESEARCH (choose one)

15 hrs: ELECTIVE AREA (choose one sequence)

Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Severe/Low Incidence Disabilities

Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Gifted Education

3 hrs: PRACTICUM (in your elective area)


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