Sport Coaching Education
Degree Requirements

Knowledge is the name of the game.

Coaching is a commitment to acquiring the knowledge and skills it takes to truly develop a team.

Our online version of the Master of Science in Sport Coaching Education follows the same course requirements (36 hours minimum) as the traditional program.

  • HPR 604: Advanced Motor Development
  • HPR 605: Policy and Governance
  • HPR 609: Sport Psychology
  • HPR 670: Organizational Leadership in Sport Administration
  • HPR 672: Advanced Development of Strength and Conditioning Programs
  • HPR 675: Skills, Techniques, and Strategies for Coaching
  • HPR 677: Legal Aspects of Sport
  • HPR 679: Care and Treatment of Athletic Injuries
  • HPR 682: Applied Research Methods and Statistics
  • HPR 684: Sport Skill Analysis
  • HPR 696: Practicum/Internship
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