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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the program?
Please visit for more information. Please note: All Department of Economic and Human Capital Development executive format courses include a $110 per semester hour fee.

Is the GRE or GMAT required?
Yes. All students must take the GRE or GMAT and have recent scores (less than 10 years old) sent to The University of Southern Mississippi. Please visit the GRE Web site at for more information. There is an option to take up to three courses as a non-degree student before being accepted into the program. If you choose this option, you must complete the entire application (including test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, resume, and statement of qualifications) and be accepted for admission before you will be allowed to enroll in additional courses.

How many credits are required to complete the degree program?
The successful completion of 33 semester hours is required. This consists of 27 semester hours of required coursework and 6 semester hours of electives. A minimum of 18 semester hours must be completed at the 600 level.

Will I be able to handle the workload required while working full-time?
Many of our students enroll full time while working, but the program is a big commitment. The courses are more demanding than undergraduate-level courses.

What degree will I earn from the program?
Upon completion of the program, you will earn a master of science in human captial development degree.

May I enroll even though my undergraduate degree is not related to human capital development?

May I start the program if I am not in a human capital and development-related career?
Yes. Many of our students are not yet in the field, but are looking to gain knowledge and skills to become more marketable in a new career path.

Is it possible to complete any courses without visiting The University of Southern Mississippi campus?
Yes. This program is in executive format, which means you can complete some of your degree requirements by participating in online courses. Other courses will be completed through a combination of online interaction with other students and the instructor, and weekend, in-person class meetings. However, it is not possible to complete the entire program without visiting the Southern Miss Gulf Coast campus.

What do you mean by “online” courses?
As rigorous as courses offered in an on-campus delivery format, the MSWTD online courses use the Internet for course delivery, offering the convenience and flexibility of accessing class from any location where you can connect to the Web.

What is the HCD “executive format?”
Executive format is designed for professionals who want to be leaders in today's training and development world by training students in the use of the latest tools and methodologies. This format is structured to accommodate the lifestyle demands of a professional. The program includes the full course load of a traditional graduate degree program. However, some classes are scheduled in a flexible format of online delivery, while other classes combine online interaction with in-person, weekend meetings.

Do you accept transfer credit?
Yes. We accept up to 6 semester hours of graduate credit from other accredited institutions. However, a total sum of no more than 9 semester hours of transfer work and non-degree work may be applied toward a degree.

Do you give credit for life/work experience?
No. Students must earn 33 semester hours in graduate coursework.

In how many classes should I enroll each semester?
The Executive Format Program is designed for students to enroll in 12 hours during the fall and spring semesters and 9 hours in the summer to complete the program in 12 months. You may, however, take fewer classes.

How quickly can I complete the degree program?
How quickly you complete the degree program depends on many factors. If you start in the fall semester, you can complete the program in 12 months. This is the shortest completion time possible and requires enrolling in four courses during the fall and spring semesters and three courses in the summer. However, if you take one or two courses per semester, it will take you two years or longer.

Is financial aid available?
The Financial Aid Office determines individual eligibility. Contact Financial Aid for more information

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