Graduate Programs


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    Child and Family Studies MS

    The Department of Child and Family Studies at The University of Southern Mississippi now offers a fully online Master's degree in Child and Family Studies designed for working professionals and others interested in issues that affect children and families. The curriculum is based upon a developmental lifespan approach and includes 36 hours of coursework.

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    Educational Administration and Supervision MEd

    The online Educational Administration and Supervision program maintains the integrity and rigor of an established academic program while unleashing the creativity that emerging technologies afford. Seeking to involve technologies within a context of collaboration and communication, the faculty is dedicated to futuristic pursuit of educational excellence that expands our traditional classrooms. The faculty have chosen aesthetic features that characterize the online master's degree program and provide it a unique identity.

    We welcome you to explore this opportunity and perhaps become part of the fully online Master's degree program in Educational Administration.

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    The Human Capital Development doctoral program focuses on human capital development through the transfer of research to practice. By developing critical research competencies, professionals are positioned to ask the right questions and help organization leaders make critical decisions about human capital investments.

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    Our fully online Master of Science in Human Performance: Physical Education Emphasis, was created to allow you to enroll in online classes while never having to leave your own classroom. The degree curriculum has been designed to allow teachers to immediately apply learned techniques in their instructional setting.

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    Library and Information Science MLIS

    If you are a teacher with A certification and would like to add a School Library Media Specialist Endorsement and may be considering pursuing the Master's degree in Library and Information Science, you can be admitted as a non-degree student while obtaining this endorsement.

    If you are a student who plans to use the Master's degree in Library and Information Science for Class AA licensure, you may complete courses in addition to the required M.L.I.S. courses to obtain MLIS with School Library Media Specialist AA License.

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    Logistics, Trade, and Transportation MS

    The MS LTT provides its graduates with necessary tools and critical understanding of supply chain management, economics, finances, and the practice of contemporary global air, maritime, and land transportation systems.

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    Medical Laboratory Sciences MS

    The University of Southern Mississippi Medical Technology Department now offers an online Master's Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences. This degree is targeted for individuals who have a medical technologist certification from a recognized national certification agency. This certification is an entrance requirement.

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    Music Education M.ME.

    The Master of Music Education online degree program is an alternative to the traditional on-campus program in that it allows teachers to participate in professional development and meet the state certification and re-certification requirements with the least amount of disruption to their teaching schedule.

    For this hybrid program course work is accessed in a combination of online and short residency programs hosted at a number of locations in Mississippi, the nation, and Western Europe. The curriculum is designed to be flexible and relevant to the needs of each participant.

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    Nursing - Family nurse practitioner MS

    The online program of study is designed to prepare graduate nurses to provide adult mental health care in diverse community health settings. Study is focused on individual group and family interventions. Upon completion of the program, the graduate is qualified to apply for the certification examination as a nurse practitioner.

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    Nursing - adult gerontological nurse practitioner program

    The online program of study is designed to prepare graduate nurses to provide health care and address the specialized needs of the adult population in rural and urban community health settings.

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    The online program of study is designed to prepare graduate nurses to provide adult mental health care in diverse community health settings. Study is focused on individual group and family interventions. Upon completion of the program, the graduate is qualified to apply for the certification examination as a nurse practitioner. The Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program of study may be taken full-time or part-time. Students may complete the full-time program of study in six semesters.


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    The Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Systems offers advanced study in nutrition and food systems, focusing on applications in dietetic practice and child nutrition program management.

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    Political Science MS

    International Policy Development Emphasis

    This program is intended for graduate students in Political Science with an International Policy and Development (IPD) orientation.

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    Special Education M.Ed.

    The Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education offers several options to the student for a Master of Education degree. This master's is open only to teachers who have already obtained licensure.

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    Sport Coaching Education MS

    Our online Master of Sport Coaching Education will give you an advanced understanding of training and leadership techniques, human mental and physical development, sports skills and the latest technological advancements in athletic evaluation.

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    Sport Management MS

    The purpose of the graduate program in Sport Management is to prepare professionals for advanced careers in the ever expanding sport industry in Mississippi, the region, and the nation by enhancing their critical thinking skills, exposing them to expert knowledge and research in the field of sport, and developing administrative and management skills.

    The Sport Management Master's degree curriculum has been designed and developed to enable students to acquire and demonstrate a set of management skills and an understanding of the sport industry through a combination of required core courses, electives, research, and experiential components.

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    Teaching of Languages MATL

    The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at The University of Southern Mississippi offers a Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages degree program with an emphasis in Spanish, French, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

    The Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages degree program is designed particularly for the needs of elementary, middle, and high school teachers and for those who would like to teach at the community college level.  The focus of the MATL is on developing and enhancing the knowledge, skills, and theories in language, language acquisition, and language instruction that are essential for both effective teaching and successful learning.

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    HUMAN CAPITAL development ms

    The opportunity to complete an executive format Master of Science degree in Human Capital Development positions professionals to advance career goals. Coursework is based on a research and industry-driven curriculum, workplace learning and performance improvement focus, and competency development and practical applications. This approach leverages real world experiences while providing context and application to further one’s career. The flexible program delivery combines 3-to-5 day, face-to-face courses blended with web-based instruction.   The HCD master's program provides students with the tools they need to better understand factors that affect job performance.  Students learn to think strategically and design interventions that will positively impact workplace learning and performance.

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