BLACKBOARD 9.1 Faculty Support

Faculty Support

If you are currently a faculty member or are simply seeking more information on teaching online at Southern Miss, our faculty information page has everything you need.

Instructions for updating the 24/7 link in your blackboard course

We provide you all the materials and training you need to make the most of your students’ online classroom experience.

Get involved in upcoming Learning Enhancement Center workshops.

Are you experiencing technical issues in your online classroom environment?

To learn about Blackboard Collaborate, click below:

Are you requiring proctored exams for your online course? Click below for information regarding how proctored exams are administered and to get expert advice from our proctor specialists.

For clarification, we have conveniently included all of our Distance Education policies online. Click below to view these policies and procedures.

Curious about adding an online course or even an online program? Link to the appropriate approval process.

"How do I add my Graduate Assistant to my Blackboard Course?

  • All access to Blackboard Courses is controlled by SOAR. To add your Graduate Assistant to your course, please ask your department secretary or the registrar's office to assign your Graduate student the TA role through the "Maintain Schedule" panel in SOAR.

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