Construction Engineering Technology

Your Foundation for progress.

Before you can get started on your career path, you’ll have to meet the basic requirements for entrance in the program.

Core Requirements:

  • 4 units of English
  • 3 units of mathematics
  • 3 units of sciences
  • 3 units of social studies
  • 2 units of advanced electives
  • ½ unit of computer applications

If you don’t meet the above core requirements, you may still be considered for admission to the summer developmental program through an interview and screening.

If you have an ACT sub-score of 16 and below in reading and English, you’ll be required to enroll in English 099 your first semester. If you have an ACT Math sub-score 20 and below, you must enroll in Math 099 your first semester. If you’re required to enroll in both English 099 and Math 099, you must also enroll in LS 101 (Learning Skills Strategies).

More specific information regarding freshman and transfer student requirements can be found here.

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