Special Education Online Program

Degree Requirements


Written Communication

(6 hours)

Basic Science and Mathematics

(11 hours minimum)

Science Requirement

(8 hours minimum)
Select 2 courses with labs:

Mathematics Requirement

(3 hours)

Global History and Culture

(12 hours)

Social Sciences Requirement

(3 hours)
Select 1 course:

Humanities Requirement

(9 hours)

Aesthetic Values

(3 hours)
Select 1 course:

Decision-Making & Responsibility

(3 hours)

Computer Competency Requirement

  • Successful completion of the BTLE or IC3 certification

Writing-Intensive Requirement*

(Major Area)

Oral Communication Requirement*

(3 hours)

Capstone Requirement*

(Major Area)
  • SPE 480 (Capstone)
  • SPE 482 (Capstone)
  • Must be taken after all other coursework is completed/Senior Year; ENG 101 & ENG 102 prerequisites
    *This particular GEC course is required for this major.
    ◊ GEC restrictions apply; see page 88. For full description of the GEC, see page 86.


Major Area of Study Requirements

(36 hours)

Must earn a minimum grade of "C". Certain courses are restricted. Gold Card required. See page 209 for details.
Select 1 course: CD 350L or PSY 270

Select 1 course:

Candidates are encouraged to take courses 10-12 during the semesters in which they are enrolled in clinical experiences.

Major Area of Study Requirements with Co-Requisite Clinical Experiences

(24 hours) Candidates must be admitted to the Professional Education Program prior to enrolling in clinical experiences (Gold Card). Certain courses are restricted. See page ? for details.
Teacher candidates seeking licensure must complete a minimum of two semesters of clinical experiences prior to teacher candidacy (student teaching).
Pre-requisites for all courses with co-requisite clinical experiences: SPE 121, SPE 400, SPE 402, SPE 430)
01. SPE 431/SPE 431L (co-requisite SPE 451/SPE 451L, SPE 411/SPE 411L)
02. SPE 451/SPE 451L (co-requisite SPE 431/SPE 431L, SPE 411/SPE 411L)
03. SPE 410/SPE 410L (co-requisite SPE 431/SPE 431L, SPE 451/SPE 451L)
04. SPE 401/SPE 401L (co-requisite SPE 442/SPE 442L, SPE 432/SPE 432L)
05. SPE 442/SPE 442L (co-requisite SPE 401/SPE 401L, SPE 432/SPE 432L)
06. SPE 411/SPE 411L (co-requisite SPE 442/SPE 442L, SPE 401/SPE 401L)


(12 hours)

Choose electives as needed with advisor's approval. It is highly recommended that candidates select electives that will lead towards subject-area supplemental endorsements. Suggested areas/courses are listed below. Please note that the additional hours beyond program requirements required for a supplemental endorsement are given for informational purposes only. The total number of elective hours for awarding the degree is 12.

  • English (9 hours beyond program requirements)
  • Social Studies (9 hours beyond program requirements)
  • Foreign Language (21 hours beyond program requirements)
  • Mathematics (19 hours beyond program requirements)
  • General Science (13 hours beyond program requirements);
  • Physical Education (21 hours beyond program requirements)

Teacher Candidacy (Student Teaching)

(12 hours)

All courses must be completed before student teaching

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