Teacher Assistant Program (TAP)


We all have a thirst for knowledge. But only some of us have an eagerness to share it. Make teaching your profession.


To receive your GoldCard, you must meet the following criteria:

  • GPA of 2.75 or better on the 44 hour core coursework

  • ACT composite of 21 or higher with no scale score below 18
    • OR an SAT of 860 (verbal and quantitative) upon entrance into college

    • OR -PRAXIS Core info:

      Reading- recommended passing score is 31 out of possible raw-score points. The scaled score associated with raw score of 31 is 156 on 100-200 scale.

      Writing- recommended passing score is 44 out of possible 70 raw-score points. 44 is 162 on 100-200 scale.

      Math- recommended passing score is 29 out of 50 raw score points. 29 is 150 on 100-200 scale.

      The new tests are titled "Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators". The codes are Reading (5712), Writing (5722) and Mathematics (5732) and these tests are computer based.

      • www.ets.org
      • Please keep a copy of your PRAXIS scores for your record

  • TK20 Subscription
    • The Professional Education policy at Southern Miss requires all teacher education candidates to subscribe to the Tk20 Assessment System, an electronic portfolio and storage system for teacher candidates which tracks, stores, retrieves, and analyzes candidate data to maintain program excellence for accreditation. The subscription will be active for seven (7) years from the date of purchase. Two options for payment are:

    • A one-time subscription payable through the Tk20 Web site (https://usm.tk20.com) using a debit or credit card.

    • The purchase of an access kit from the University Bookstore at an increased price which may be charged to your student account.
    • Any questions regarding to TK20 access or any technical problems, contact Dr. Debbie Stoulig, Coordinator of NCATE Assessment, at 601-266-4539 or email: Deborah.Stoulig@usm.edu.
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