ENG 099E

Course Description

English 099E, a one-credit writing studio, is designed to assist students in developing and enhancing the critical writing and reading strategies and skills needed to be successful in and beyond Expanded Composition. In essence, as a one-semester course, ENG 099E complements the Expanded Composition course (ENG 100E).  ENG 099E is intended to foster students’ development as successful writers by reinforcing what they learn in ENG 100E; this studio course provides them with additional resources and support. In addition, the small class enrollment aims to build a strong writing community within which students can grow.  Each week, students work together as a cohort group to discuss and work on writing objectives that will offer transferable skills for their ENG 100E course and assignments.  

English 099 is guided by four central concepts:

    • Reading as Process: Reading will play an integral part in this course. Whether students are reading for pleasure or for a class, reading requires analytical and critical thought. This is a process that this course will explore in-depth as we use readings to sharpen our critical thinking skills. Everyone makes sense of readings through their own individual experiences. It is a meaning making process that must be practiced in order to be learned.
    • Writing as Process: The course stresses the process of writing—inventing and developing ideas, planning, drafting, and revising. This course will help students develop more awareness of their writing process, offering them a variety of strategies for improving that process at every level.
    • Writing as Inquiry: Many think of writing as an act of transcription: you have an idea in your mind and you simply transcribe it on paper. Research and experience, however, show that the act of writing is an act of learning, a process of discovering new ways to look at our worlds and our places in them. When writing is an act of inquiry—when it starts with dissonance and questions, rather than pre-fabricated answers—writing becomes a process of learning. Hence, a central goal of the course is to help students think about and experience writing as a mode of inquiry and discovery.
    • Collaboration: Writing is a social act, and whether you’re writing in an academic community, business community, virtual community, and/or creative community, all writing is (in one way or another) collaborative. Learning to write with others, to respond to others’ writing, and to write for specific audiences are vital goals for the class. 

Learning Outcomes

By nature of its design, ENG 099E is linked to ENG 100E in an effort to aid in the successful completion of 100E, the first semester of the two-semester Expanded Composition sequence. Comp I--Expanded is the equivalent of an elective course and ENG 101, and ENG 101 is a GEC-required course at USM. 

Because this course is a complement to ENG 100E, work in this studio course will center on and build upon the assignments and objectives that students receive in ENG 100E. To accomplish this, they will participate in discussions regarding rhetorical moves and strategies, writing workshops, in-class writing assignments, and/or additional reading and writing activities designed to further students' understanding of the writing assignments in English 100E.