ENG 102

Course Description

ENG 102 is a three credit, required course for all USM students. Composition II is designed to help students develop the necessary skills to communicate and research their ideas and write effectively. Designed to build upon the repertoire of strategies for successful writing learned in English 101, English 102 focuses on persuasive and researched writing. ENG 102 is part of the GEC core requirements.

Learning Outcomes

The Composition Program at Southern Miss has identified specific learning outcomes for each of its first-year writing courses. At the completion of ENG 102, students will:

  • have a deeper appreciation for how rhetorical situations influence reading, writing, speaking, and thinking;
  • be able to engage texts more critically, and to more appropriately and accurately incorporate the ideas of others in writing;
  • know the “moves” for making and supporting several different kinds of academic arguments, including how to use a range of evidence to support claims;
  • be able to use several common academic genres, including annotated bibliographies, reports, research studies, scholarly reviews, etc.;
  • be more adept at addressing different academic audiences, including how to discover the specific conventions for communicating in a range of academic communities;
  • appreciate the differences in how various disciplines and fields create and circulate knowledge, and the assumptions that inform various research methods;
  • know how to conduct focused research using a range of library resources, including the library catalog and databases of scholarly articles;
  • understand that an integral part of the revision process is discovering meaning and rethinking the rhetorical choices that best portray these ideas;
  • communicate more effectively using the conventions of standard edited English.