Faculty Members By Name


Multiethnic American literature with emphases in Filipino/a American, Asian American, and African American studies; critical race theory; postcolonial literature and theory; feminist theory and women's studies




Creative writing, poetry; contemporary American poetry


American poetry, particularly modernist and contemporary; Jewish-American literature, particularly poetry




Fiction, nonfiction prose


African-American rhetoric, American right-wing rhetoric, American social change rhetoric, developing writers, history of rhetoric and composition.


American literature (particularly 19th century), media studies, book history, authorship, realism and naturalism, the digital humanities


Secondary education, southern literature, children's & young adult literature




Creative writing--poetry


  • Franke, Damon
    Associate Professor of English, Gulf Coast Coordinator

Late Victorian and modern British literature, modernism, Irish studies, discourse history, narratology, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Bloomsbury Group, literatures of the environment


 Visual Rhetoric, professional writing, public discourse, cultural studies, films, non-fiction


Modern and contemporary literature


Medieval literature, women's studies


English and German philology


Early American literature and culture from colonial to antebellum periods, transatlantic culture and history, the literatures of the American hemisphere, the rise of the American novel, 19th-century to contemporary Latino writing, and the teaching of world literature.


  • Inman, Joyce
    Composition Director, Assistant Professor of English

Composition theory and pedagogy, basic writing programming and pedagogies, legal discourse analysis, social and cognitive linguistics


African American literature (esp. 19th- and early 20th-century), southern literature, African American women writers (especially 19th-century), feminist theory, and cultural studies


Restoration and 18th-century British literature and culture, history of gardening and landscape, historical ecology, feminist theory


Secondary education


  • Kolin, Philip
    University Distinguished Professor in the College of Arts & Letters; Professor of English; Editor, Southern Quarterly

Shakespeare, American drama (especially Tennessee Williams), African American literature, Christian poetry


20th-century British and Irish literature, modernism, ecocriticism & environmental literature, animal studies, posthumanism, poststructuralism, literature & geography, urban Studies, literary theory


English Renaissance and 17th-century literature, especially Milton; history of rhetoric, especially English reformed preaching; Bible and biblical style; children's and young adult literature



Creative writing, fiction




20th-century American literature and women's literature


Medieval and Renaissance English and French literature, King Arthur, history of the book, film, animation, online learning


Contemporary Anglophone Literature; narrative and politics; ecocriticism and environmental humanities; literary discourse and cultural studies.




British Romantic literature, disability studies, and the histories of medicine and science.


Modernist and contemporary literature, literary theory, and Marxist social and political criticism


Children's and young adult literature, lesbian and gay literature, queer theory, gender studies, and critical theory


Victorian literature, children's & young adult literature


20th-century American literature


American literature, particularly of the 19th century; American women writers; women's and gender studies; law and literature