Pedagogy Forums

4/24/14 "Our Town: Teaching Community in Local Contexts"
Presenters: Paige Gray and Joyce Inman


3/27/14 "Online Teaching Strategies"
Presenters: Sherry Kinkopf, Randy Gonzales, and Rachel Spear


10/14/13 "Empowering Students Through Writing"
Presenters: Heather Peerboom and Jen Robertson


9/10/13 "Digital Grading Tools"
Presenters: Erin Boade, Kelli Sellers, and Rene' Fleischbein


4/5/13 "Hidden Treasures: Uncovering USM's Lesser-Known Resources for  Composition  Instruction"
Presenters: Brinn Strange and Jenn Brewington


3/1/13 "Fall Portfolios: Strategies and Pitfalls"
Presenters: Ann McNair, Rachel Spear, and Laura Hakala