Publications - Rebecca Morgan Frank


  • "A Collective Appetite: Reception and the White Gaze from Shange to Sapphire" appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of Black Camera: An International Film Journal. 
  • “Summoning the Bard: The First Decade/s of the Online Literary Magazine.” The Little Magazine in America: A Contemporary Guide. Ed by Joanne Diaz and Ian Morris, University of Chicago Press, forthcoming 2015. Print.
  • “A Room of Our Own.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. Forthcoming Fall 2013. Online.
  • “Silence was Pleased: From Poem to Film.” Los Angeles Review of Books, June 18, 2013. Online.
  • "A Collective Appetite: Reception and the White Gaze from Shange to Sapphire." Black Camera: An International Film Journal. 4.1. Winter 2012. Print.



  • “The Spokes of Venus,” The Missouri Review Poem of the Week, forthcoming
  • “Manuals for Trains,” Switchback, forthcoming
  • “The Last Time I Saw Manila,” War, Literature & the Arts, forthcoming 
  • “Bloom,” Southern Humanities Review, forthcoming
  • “Jesus and Tomatoes,” Washington Square, forthcoming
  • “The Art of Reading,” 32 Poems, Spring/Summer 2013
  • “Bird’s-Eye” and “How to Build a Rocket,” Reunion: The Dallas Review, Spring 2013
  • “The End of Emilio,” Redivider, Spring 2013



  • “Aqua Florentina," The Book of Scented Things: An Anthology of Contemporary Poems Written About or Engaging with Perfumes, Literary House Press, forthcoming Fall 2013
  • “Crawfish Chorus,” “Blue Mussel Shells,” and “Postscript from Mississippi,” The Gulf Stream: Poems of the Gulf Coast, Snake Nation Press, forthcoming Fall 2013
  • “Song of the Rattling Pipes,” Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence, Hyacinth Girl Press, Spring 2013