Darcie Conrad
Assistant to the Chair

B.S., University of Southern Mississippi

Darcie has been at Southern Miss—attending or working—since 1992.  She handles the department budget, payroll, and crises of all sorts, and is also the program coordinator for the South Mississippi Writing Project.  She can be reached with questions at


LAB 349
(601) 266-5066


Danielle Sypher-Haley
Program Coordinator

B.A., Tufts University

Danielle graduated with a degree in English and went on to a happy 20-year career as a professional chef.  She is delighted to be back to university life, and particularly pleased to be a member of the English Department.  She's in the office from 8-5, and can be reached with questions—department-related or culinary!—at


LAB 350
(601) 266-4320