Dolphin Studies in Honduras

Dolphin Studies in Honduras

Join Dr. Stan Kuczaj, Director of the Marine Mammal Behavior and Cognition Laboratory at USM, and participate in studies of dolphin communication and social interaction at the Roatan Institute of Marine Studies. Spaces are limited, and so students are encouraged to complete their applications as early as possible.



March 6-16, 2014


College credits

Students will earn 4 credit hours for participation in one of the following courses:


·      PSY 444 (3 credits)/ 492 (1 credit)

·      BSC 404 (2 credits)/ 404 Lab (2 credits)


·      PSY 544 (3 credits)/ 691 (1 credit)

·      BSC 504 (2 credits)/ 504 Lab (2 credits)



Application Deadline

January 6, 2014


For additional information and application forms, please go to: