Experimental Psychology Faculty

David J. Echevarria

Associate Professor
Research Interests: My research is focused on the application of zebrafish behavioral models to study the neurobiological basis of cognition. I am interested in assessing the effects of stress and anxiety on learning and memory processes. From the perspective of neurobiological mechanisms, I am specifically interested in how the noradrenergic and serotonergic systems function during both normal and stressed states to influence behavior and cognition. In addition to these “classical” neurotransmitters, I also study the role of neuropeptides in the effects of stress on cognition.

Tammy Greer

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Use of Alternative Therapies such as yoga and meditation for stress reduction; Impact of religiosity on attitudes and behaviors; Using Monte-Carlo simulation techniques to model behavior of statistics when assumptions are violated.

Alen Hajnal

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Perception and action, cognition, social cognition, ergonomics

Stan Kuczaj

Research Interests: Comparative cognition, marine mammal behavior and communication, play

Lawrence Patihis

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Cognition, memory

Don Sacco

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Social, social cognition

Elena Stepanova

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Social cognition, cross-cultural psychology