MMBCL members

 Current Marine Mammal Behavior and Cognition Lab Members

Laboratory Director:

Dr. Stan Kuczaj

B.A. University of Texas

Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Research interests:  comparative cognition, marine mammal behavior and cognition, play

Graduate Students:

Audra Ames 

B.A. Southern Methodist University 

Research interest: dolphin communication

Natalia Botero Acosta

B. S. Universidad de Antioquia. Medellín, Colombia

Research interests: behavioral ecology and social structure of marine mammals, female reproductive ecology, animal communication, social bonding and group formation/stability.

Beri Brown

B.A. Boston University

Research interests: perception, cognition, play, marine mammal behavior, environmental enrichment, conservation, and acoustics

Erin Frick

B.S. University of New Hampshire

Research interests: marine mammal personality development, social behavior, epimeletic behavior, tool use, neurobiology, and comparative cognition

Pepper Hanna

B.S. Loyola University

Research interests: marine mammal cognition, social behavior, environmental enrichment, tool use.

Briana (Seay) Harvey

B.A. Eckerd College

Research interests: social behavior, behavioral ecology, cognition, population dynamics and culture

Brittany Jones

B.S. Saint Xavier University

Research interest: acoustics, whistle development in dolphin calves

Natalija Lace

B.S. Riga Technical University

M.A. The University of Southern Mississippi

Research interest: bioacoustics

Lisa Lauderdale 

B.S. University of Illinois

Research interests: cognition, social learning, problem solving, planning, and conservation

Angela Mackey

B.S. San Diego State University

M.A. The University of Southern Mississippi

Research interests: episodic memory, polar bear cognition, development of play in bottlenose dolphins

Shauna McBride

B.A. Agnes Scott College

Research interests: social behavior, behavioral ecology, and conservation


Kelsey Moreno

B.S. Western Washington University

Research interests: social behavior, social structure and dynamics, bonding, bond formation, and culture in animals 

Shaun Perisho

B.S. California State Polytechnic University

M.A. The University of Southern Mississippi

Research interests:

1/f scaling in cognition, multifractalityacoustics, cetacean communication, biophysics

Christina Perazio

B.S. The Univeristy of New England

Research interests: cetacean acoustic communication, social structure, and conservation

Mystera Samuelson

B.S. Montana State University

M.S. University of Idaho

Research interests: comparative cognition, social behavior, environmental enrichment, animal communication, and anthropogenic effects on species conservation

Courtney Smith

B.S. Eckerd College

Research interests: behavioral ecology, population dynamics, conservation biology, social and vocal learning processes

 Kelley Winship

B.S. University of Miami

Research interests: cognition, cooperative behavior, empathy, and altruism

Maria Zapetis

B.A. Reed College

Research interests: bioacoustics, echolocation, non-deleterious deterrents, conservation, comparative cognition, ontogeny of personality