Mary Ann Adams

Professor of Family Therapy


AAMFT Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Research Interests: single parenting, female adolescent identity issues, grief and family resilience

Outreach: strengthening single parent families and single parents in college; disaster mental health

Teaching: Family Systems Theories, Sexuality and the Family, Parenting


Statement of Interests:


I am interested in resilience, whether it is identifying factors that help young women become leaders, understanding why some families can rebound after a disaster and some cannot, or identifying support systems that allow parents to recover from the loss of a child.  While many family scholars have focused on the unhealthy aspects of family relationships, I focus on building on family strengths, believing that every victim can be turned into a survivor.

Selected Awards:

Heroes of Katrina Award (2005), The University of Southern Mississippi

Certificate of Appreciation (2003), Southern Poverty Law Center, “Presented to Dr. Mary Ann Adams in recognition of an important contribution to the ongoing fight against hatred and intolerance in America”, Wall Of Tolerance, Montgomery, Alabama

Commitment to Fatherhood Award (2001), Men helping Men become Better Fathers, “This award is presented to Dr. Mary Ann Adams for her commitment to the future of our children”, Reverend Arthur Siggers, Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Outstanding Contributor Award (1991), Outstanding Leadership in the Advancement of Education in Marriage and Family Therapy, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Mississippi Division

Selected Publications:

Hinton, W.J., Sims, P.L.,Adams, M.A. & West, C. (2007). Juvenile Justice: A System Divided. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 18 (4) 466-483

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Research Citations:

Holston (Adams), M. A. (1987). Babies Don’t Come With Directions: A Communication Project on Teen Pregnancy Prevention , A Congressional Briefing, Washington, D. C., June.

Selected Funded Grants:

“Child Care Access Means Parents in School”, United States Department of Education

“The University of Southern Mississippi: Building Community Resilience through Family             Therapy”, The American Red Cross and the Foundation for the Mid South

“Girls to Women: Creating Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Problems”, Mississippi Department of Human Services Block Grant, United States Department of Human Services

“Project Dad Link”, Project Director, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Community Services

“Multi-Systemic Delinquency Prevention Program”, Three year award, State of Mississippi, Department of Public Safety

“Men Matter Family Project”, Project Director, State of Mississippi, Department of Human Services

“Calling All Men”, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Research and Education Foundation, Washington, D.C.

“The University Clinic for Family Therapy Block Grant Teen Parenting Program”, Office of Children and Youth, State of Mississippi, Department of Human Resources

“Mississippi Department of Corrections Parenting Program: Consultation and Research Evaluation”, Department of Health and Human Services, The Mississippi Department of Corrections Amount

“Assessment of the Family Genogram as a Method of Disseminating Sexual Content Material in the Educational Setting”, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Summer Grant, The University of Southern Mississippi

“An Examination of Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics: Are They Culture Bound?”,Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, University of Southern Mississippi

“Pregnant Adolescents  Family of Origin Systemic Change”, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Developmental Grant, The University of Southern Mississippi

“Assistance for Single Parents in School”, Forrest-Lamar County Mental Health Association