Annually, the US Department of Education selects 33% of all students applying for federal aid for verification.  All students selected will be notified by the university.  If selected, students can expedite the process by reviewing the Student Aid Report.  If the statement "Your school will ask you to produce certain tax documents" appears under the comment section of your Student Aid Report, you have been selected for verification.

For dependent students, both parent(s) and student must complete a verification worksheet , provide copies of IRS tax transcripts for both parent(s) and student, and all other documentation as requested.

By federal aid definition, dependent students are:

  • Not over the age of 24
  • Not working on a master's or doctorate degree
  • Not married
  • Does not have children for whom the student provides more than half support
  • Not an orphan or ward of the court
  • Not a veteran


IRS Tax Transcripts are required for completion of verification. You can order an IRS Tax Transcript online at or by calling 1.800.908.9946.

To print a transcript directly from the IRS website visit:

Special Note: Please make sure all signatures (student, spouse, and parents) are on all documents given to our office. We are unable to process your applications if signatures are missing. All verification documents and forms can be faxed to the Southern Miss Office of Financial Aid at 601.266.5769.


Verification Forms

  •  Form

 2017 Academic Year

(Fall 16, Spring 16, Summer 17)

 2016 Academic Year

(Fall 15, Sprng 16, Summer 16)
  • Dependent Verification Worksheet (PDF)
  • Independent Verification Worksheet (PDF)
  • Documentation of Dependents (PDF)
  • Tax and Earning Statement (PDF)
  •  Dependent Household Resources (PDF)
  •  Independent Household Resources (PDF)