International Student Hiring Process

International Processing


Step 1: Check-In - All Internationals MUST check-In with the office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

  • Faculty and Staff (Scholars)- All new hire processing will be handled through ISSS
  • Visiting Professors- All new hire processing will be handled through ISSS
  •  Students Employed BEFORE Arrival- All new hire processes will be handled through ISSS
  •  Students Not Seeking Employment
  •  Students Seeking Employment


The following steps are for Students Seeking Employment:

Step 2:  On-Campus Determination Card- Students Seeking Employment MUST receive an On-Campus Determination Card from ISSS which should be presented to the Office of Student Employment.

NOTE: To ensure that the international student is legally authorized to work, Student Employment will not assist individuals without a Completed On-Campus Determination Card from ISSS


Step 3: Campus Employment: Student Employment will provide the tools and resources to aid internationals with campus employment.


Step 4: Personnel Action Form (PAF)- The hiring department must submit an On-Campus Employer Statement with ALL international PAFs. An international PAF will NOT be processed without the On-Campus Employer Statement. The On-Campus Employer Statement can be obtained from the following locations: the ISSS Office, or online at the bottom of this page under Forms.


Step 5: Hiring Department’s On-Campus Employer Statement - Student Employment will send a copy of the PAF and the original Statement of Employment to ISSS.


Step 6: Application of Social Security Number- ISSS will assist the international student with applying for a social security number.


Step 7: Application Status of SSN- The Social Security Office will give the individual a signed letter stating that the application for the social security number has been processed.


Step 8: Tax Analysis- The individual must meet with the Tax Compliance Officer to complete his/her tax analysis. A scheduled appointment time is required for an individual meeting. Designated appointment times are Monday-Friday from 9:00-10:00 a.m. and from 3:00-4:00 p.m. with the exception of University holidays and meetings. Please email or call to request an appointment. 

 The following documents will be needed for the appointment:

  • A Copy of the Hiring Paperwork (PAF, Graduate Assistant Assignment Form, Part-time Faculty Form, etc.)  
  • Passport, VISA, I-94 Form
  •  I-20 or DS-2019
  •  Signed Letter from the Social Security Office Verifying Application Status 
  •  A Voided Check for Direct Deposit        

Step 9: Completion of New Hire Forms- the Tax Compliance Officer will assist the international student with their new hire forms.


Step 10: The New Hire Data Sheet (Gold Form) or The Status Change Sheet (Gold Form) along with the new hire forms stated above in Step 9 (Items 1-8 above) will be sent to either Human Resources or Student Employment.

NOTE:  Neither HR nor SE will process a changes to an international employee record without the Status Change Form from the Tax Compliance Officer.