Wei Wu, Assistant Professor in Landscape Ecology, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory

Wei Wu

Associate Professor in Landscape Ecology

(228) 818-8855



Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
703 East Beach Drive
Ocean Springs, MS 39564



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Grants Received


Co-PI (C.T. Driscoll(PI), J.L. Campbell, K. Hayhoe, and W. Wu). “Modeling of the hydrochemical responses of high elevation watersheds to climate change and atmospheric deposition”. Environmental Protection Agency – Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Program, $800,000.


Co-PI (Matthew Bethel, Wei Wu and Patrick Biber). “Determining localized impacts of predicted sea level rise to engineered versus natural landscapes, and how risk perception may alter response strategies adopted by ecosystem-dependent communities versus resource-managers”. NOAA - Gulf of Mexico Regional Sea Grant Sea Level Rise Program. $179,999.


Co-PI (R. Carmichael (PI), W. Burkhardt, K. Calci, W. Wu, D. Ruple, and W. Walton). “Legacy effects of land-use change and nitrogen source shifts on a benchmark system: Building capacity for collaborative research leadership at the Grand Bay Reserve”. National Estuarine Research Reserve System. $354,750.


Co-PI (R. Fulford (PI), M. Peterson and H. Perry, K. Craig, R. Allee, and W. Wu). “Assessment of ecosystem services of selected coastal habitat types: Towards a model-based toolset for management planning”. NOAA – Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, Northern Gulf Institute Initiative. $300,894.


PI (W. Wu, in collaboration with F. Scatena). “Rapid request for ground-verification of the Luquillo Critical Zone”. National Science Foundation. $32,031.


PI (W. Wu and P. Biber). “RAPID: quantifying the potential impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on selected carbon services of salt marshes along the northern gulf coast using hierarchical bayesian modeling”. National Science Foundation – Ecosystem Science - Geosciences. $108,874.


PI. “Saltmarsh habitat sampling to delineate potential oil impacts from BP Deepwater Horizon spill”. NOAA – Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, Northern Gulf Institute Initiative. $7,325.


Co-PI (T. Frisbie (PI), D. Holland, K. Boyd, and W. Wu). “Evaluation of hurricane evacuation routes’ resiliency to storm damage”. NASA - Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences Program, $399,556.


PI (W. Wu, M. Kalcic and K. Yeager). “The impact of accelerated sea level rise on tidal marshes and storm surge”. NOAA – Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, Coastal Storms Program, $100,000.


PI. “Assessing the carbon dynamics at the Mississippi coastal forests impacted by Hurricane Katrina”. University of Southern Mississippi - Summer Faculty Research Grant for the summer of 2009, $9,900.


PI. “Will climate change cause wetland loss on the Mississippi Gulf Coast more than upland land use / land cover change within the next century?”. NOAA – Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC), Project Development Program, $10,000.


Synergistic Activities