Contacts for the Center for Fisheries Research & Development

Note: Where a cv is not available for an individual, the link opens an email to their address.

phone: 228.818-8821
fax: 228.818.8832

Senior Scientists
Anderson, Evan J. (John) Assessment and Monitoring
Crochet, Greg Aquaculture
Franks, James S. (Jim) Finfish - Pelagics
Hendon, Jill M. Finfish - Sharks
Hendon, J. Read (Read) Finfish - Coastal
Johnson, Dr. Donald R. Oceanography
Nicholson, Larry C. Finfish - Striped Bass
Perry, Harriet M. Invertebrate
Technical Staff
Ashworth, Sarah Finfish
Butler, Christopher M. (Chris) Assessment and Monitoring
Collins, Lillian Assessment and Monitoring
Creel, Cecil Finfish
Dempster, William D. (Bill) Finfish
Gibson, Dyan P. Finfish
Gray, Gary J. Finfish
Halstead, James K. (Kirk) Aquaculture
Higgs, Jeremy Finfish
Karels, Art Finfish
Manning, John Carl Striped Bass
Mavar, Gerald M. (Mike) Aquaculture
Ryan, Gordon A., Jr. (Anthony) Aquaculture
Satterfield, Emily Finfish
Taylor, Stephanie Invertebrate
Tilley, Jason D. Finfish
Trigg, Bobby Invertebrate
VanDevender, Thomas Invertebrate
Waller, Dick Assessment and Monitoring
Hendon, J. Read (Read) Director
Jacquet, Cassidy R. Grants Administration
Anderson, Evan J. (John) Boat Operations