Volume 14(2), March 2003
Volume 14(2) (ISSN: 1528-0470)
March 2003
Shifting Baselines, Marine Reserves, and Leopold's Biotic Ethic
     James A. Bohnsack
Cross-Shelf Habitat Utilization Patterns of Reef Fishes in Southwerstern Puerto Rico
     John D. Christensen, Christopher F.G. Jeffrey, Chris Caldow, Mark E. Monaco, Matthew S. Kendall, and Richard S. Appeldoorn
Habitat Connectivity in Coastal Environments: Patterns and Movements of Caribbean Coral Reef Fishes with Emphasis on Bluestriped Grunt, Haemulon sciurus
     Jim Beets, Lisa Muehlstein, Kerri Haught, and Henry Schmitges
Connectivity Between Coastal Habitats of Two Oceanic Caribbean Islands as Inferred From Ontogenetic Shifts by Coral Reef Fishes
     I. Nagelkerken and G. van der Velde
Habitat Connectivity in Reef Fish Communities and Marine Reserve Design in Old Providence-Santa Catalina, Colombia
     R.S. Appeldoorn, A. Friedlander, J. Sladek Nowlis, P. Usseglio, A. Mitchell-Chui
Estimating Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) Home Ranges Using Acoustic Telemetry: Implications for the Design of Marine Fisheries Reserves
     Robert A. Glazer, Gabriel A. Delgado, and James A. Kidney
Spawning Aggregation Sites of Snapper and Grouper Species (Lutjanidae and Serranidae) on the Insular Shelf of Cuba
     Rodolfo Claro and Kenyon C. Lindeman
The Interaction of Retention, Recruitment, and Density-Dependent Mortality in the Spatial Placement of Marine Reserves
     Jennifer E. Caselle, Scott L. Hamilton, and Robert R. Warner
The Extent and Spatial Scale of Connectivity Among Reef Fish Populations: Implications for Marine Protected Areas Designated for Fisheries Enhancement
     Peter F. Sale and Stuart A. Ludsin
The Role of Long Distance Dispersal Versus Local Retention in Replenishing Marine Populations
     Robert K. Cowen, Claire B. Paris, Donald B. Olson, and John L. Fortuna
A Caribbean-Wide Survey of Marine Reserves: Spatial Coverage and Attributes of Effectiveness
     Richard S. Appeldoorn and Kenyon C. Lindeman
Community-Based Development of Multiple-Use Marine Protected Areas: Promoting Stewardship and Sharing Responsibility for Conservation in the San Andres Archipelago, Colombia
     Marion Howard, Ernesto Connolly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jane Marie Mow
Community Capacity Building in the Designation of the Tortugas Ecological Reserve
     Joanne M. Delaney
The Barbados (Alias Folkestone) Marine Reserve, Barbados: A Late Bloomer?
     Robin Mahon and Michael B. Masicia
Fishery Manegement Measures Instituted at Discovery Bay, Jamaica, with Special Reference to Establish-ment of the Fisheries Reserve
     Jeremy Woodley, Zsolt Sary, and Peter Gayle
Improving Applications of Science in MPA Design and Management: Workshop Report
     K.C.Llindeman and R.S. Appeldoorn
Human System Connectivity: A Need for MPA Management Effectiveness
     Patrick McConney, Leah Bunce, and Georgina Bustamente