Volume 16, March 2004

Volume 16( ISSN: 1528-0470 )
March 2004

Seasonal Occurrence of Reef-Related Medusae (Cnidaria) in the Western Caribbean Sea
Gloria Ramos and Lourdes Segura-Puertas


Formation of a Stress-Induced Check Mark on the Otoliths of Juvenile Fishes: Implications for Mesocosm Studies
Thomas R. Reinert and Donald M. Baltz


The First Larval Stage of Microprosthema semilaeve (Von Martens, 1872) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Stenopodidea) Obtained in the Laboratory
Joel W. Martin and Joseph W. Goy


Embryogenesis in the Dwarf Seahorse, Hippocampuszosterae (Syngnathidae)
James T. Wetzel and John P. Wourms


Morphological Characteristics of the Carapace of the Hawksbill Turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata , from Cuban Waters
Mari Kobayashi


A New Species of Protanaissus Sieg, 1982 (Crustacea: Tanaidacea: Peracarida), from South Florida
Kim Larsen and Richard Heard


Stomatopoda (Crustacea: Hoplocarida) from the Shallow, Inshore Waters of the Northern Gulf of Mexico ( Apalachicola River , Florida to Port Aransas , Texas )
John M. Foster, Brent P. Thoma, and Richard W. Heard


Artificial Reef Matrix Structures (ARMS): An Inexpensive and Effective Method for Collecting Coral Reef-Associated Invertebrates
Todd L. Zimmerman and Joel W. Martin


Northern Range Extensions for Caprella scaura Templeton, 1836 (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Caprellidae) on the Florida Gulf Coast and in South Carolina
John M. Foster, Richard W. Heard, and David M. Knott


Short Communications (NO ABSTRACTS)
First Record of Bonefish, Albula vulpes , from Mississippi Coastal Waters
K.J. Cuevas, J.S. Franks, and M.V. Buchanan


Notes on Aquarium Brood Release and Feeding of the Opossum Pipefish, Microphis brachyurus lineatus
Sarah Frias-Torres


Special Section
Introduction to Special Section on Research Activities at the Iztacala campus of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México
Mark S. Peterson and Nancy J. Brown-Peterson


Overview of Study Areas and UNAM-Iztacala Student Research
Jonathan Franco-López and Jose Antonio Martínez-Perez


Trophic Comparison of Two Species of Needlefish (Belonidae) in the Alvarado Lagoonal System , Veracruz , Mexico
Daniel Arceo-Carranza, Jonathan Franco-López, Gretchen L. Waggy, and Rafael Chavez-López


Feeding Habits and Sexual Dimorphism of the Violet Goby, Gobioides broussoneti Lacepede (Pisces: Gobiidae), in the Estuarine System of Tecolutla , Veracruz , Mexico
Sergio Mata-Cortés, José Antonio Martínez-Pérez, and Mark S. Peterson


Gonadal Development and Sexual Dimorphism of Gobiomorus dormitor from the Estuarine System of Tecolutla , Veracruz , Mexico
Raquel Hernández-Saavedra, José Antonio Martínez-Pérez, Nancy J. Brown-Peterson, and Mark S. Peterson


Reproductive Biology of the Opossum Pipefish, Microphis brachyurus lineatus , in Tecolutla Estuary , Veracruz , Mexico
Martha Edith Miranda-Marure, José Antonio Martínez-Pérez and Nancy J. Brown-Peterson


Reproductive Structures and Early Life History of the Gulf Toadfish, Opsanus beta, in the Tecolutla Estuary , Veracruz , Mexico
Alfredo Gallardo-Torres, José Antonio Martinez-Perez, and Brian J. Lezina


Helminths from Dormitator maculatus (Pisces: Eleotridae) in Alvarado Lagoon , Veracruz, Mexico, and Supplemental Data for Clinostomum complanatum Rudolphi, 1814 from Egretta caerulea (Aves: Ardeidae)
Jesus Montoya-Mendoza, Rafael Chávez-López, and Jonathan Franco-López