(Volume 11, March 1999)
Volume 11
March 1999
Recent Trends in Water Clarity of Lake Pontchartrain
     J.C. Francis and M.A. Poirrier
Effects Of Diflubenzuron on the Ontogeny of Phototaxis by Palaemonetes pugio
     J.E.H. Wilson, R.B. Forward, Jr. and J.D. Costlow
Parasitization of Callinectes rathbunae and Callinectes sapidus by the Rhizocephalan Barnacle Loxothylacus texanus in Alvarado Lagoon, Veracruz, Mexico
     Fernando Alvarez,  Adolfo Gracia, Rafael Robles and Jorge Calderón
A Survey of the Reef-Related Medusa (Cnidaria) Community in the Western Caribbean Sea
     E. Suárez-Morales, L. Segura-Puertas and R. Gasca
An Annotated Checklist and Key to Hermit Crabs of Tampa Bay, Florida, and Surrounding Waters
     Karen M. Strasser and W. Wayne Price
The Planktonic Copepods of Coastal Saline Ponds of the Cayman Islands with Special Reference to the Occurrence of Mesocyclops ogunnus Onabamiro, an Apparently Introduced Afro-Asian Cyclopoid
     Eduardo Suárez-Morales,Jerry McLelland and Janet Reid
Variations in the Ventral Ciliature of the Crustacean Symbiont Hyalophysa (Ciliophora, Apostomatida) from Mobile Bay and Dauphin Island, Alabama
     Stephen C. Landers, Michael A. Zimlich and Tom Coate
Gordon Pennington Gunter 1909-1998
     W. David Burke
Gulf Estuarine Research Society Spring 1999 Meeting (Abstracts)  69