Gulf Research Reports
Supplement 1
June 1999

Atlas of Fishes of the St. Louis Bay Drainage 
in Southern Mississippi

Royal D. Suttkus
David A. White
Maurice F. Mettee

Atlas of Fishes documents records of 124 species and 75,625 specimens of fish taken at 126 sites over almost 40 years (October 1950 through October 1989) from the headwaters of major streams to the mouth of St. Louis Bay, Mississippi. The data were collected prior to recent years of accelerated commercial and residential development in the area. This work will serve as a regional platform for future research on fishes of southern Mississippi.

Atlas of Fishes of the St. Louis Bay Drainage in Southern Mississippi

  • Detailed maps
  • Geographical location data
  • Fish assemblages
  • Physical, geological, and vegetational features
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A useful document to assess
the environmental impacts of
future economic development
on aquatic communities in
southern Mississippi

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Published by
The University of Southern Mississippi • Institute of Marine Sciences
Ocean Springs, Mississippi